Workbook for Children: My Journey into the World of Emotions

Workbook for Children: My Journey into the World of Emotions“Workbook for Children: My Journey into the World of Emotions” is an extensive resource developed by Save the Children, specifically aimed at enhancing socio-emotional competencies in children. It offers a rich compilation of activities, exercises, and notes intended to assist children in navigating their emotions, fostering empathy, and building strong interpersonal skills.

This workbook is structured to guide children through a reflective and interactive exploration of their emotions. It incorporates various methodologies, including drawing, storytelling, and goal-setting, to help children identify, express, and manage their feelings. Through activities that encourage self-awareness and self-regulation, children learn to recognize their strengths and areas for growth, understand the emotions of others, and develop strategies for effective communication and decision-making.


  • Promotes Emotional Intelligence: Enhances children’s ability to identify and manage their own emotions and understand the emotions of others.
  • Supports Personal Development: Encourages children to reflect on their experiences, strengths, and challenges, fostering a positive self-concept.
  • Encourages Active Participation: Activities are designed to engage children actively in their learning process, enhancing their sense of agency and participation in decisions that affect them.
  • Facilitates Healthy Relationships: Teaches children the skills needed to build and maintain positive relationships, cooperate with others, and resolve conflicts non-violently.
  • Empowers Children: By recognizing their rights and capabilities, the workbook empowers children to be active contributors to their own development and wellbeing.

How It Can Be Used:

  • In Educational Settings: Teachers can incorporate the workbook into their curriculum, particularly in lessons focused on social-emotional learning, citizenship, or personal development.
  • At Home: Parents and guardians can use the workbook to engage in meaningful conversations with their children about emotions and personal growth, strengthening family bonds.
  • In Counseling and Therapy: Mental health professionals can utilize the workbook as a tool in therapeutic settings to support children in exploring their emotions and developing coping strategies.
  • In Community Programs: Community workers and organizations can employ the workbook in workshops and programs aimed at promoting children’s rights and wellbeing.

“Workbook for Children: My Journey into the World of Emotions” stands as a testament to the importance of nurturing children’s emotional and social competencies from an early age. By providing a structured yet flexible framework for exploration and learning, this workbook equips children with the foundational skills necessary for emotional resilience and positive social interaction.