Free Anger Activity Book For Kids

FREE PDF DOWNLOAD OF THE ANGER ACTIVITY BOOK FOR KIDSThis is a 21-page illustrated activity book created by Ascension EAP to help children manage anger. It incorporates interactive games, writing prompts, comics, and drawing exercises.

The book begins by explaining anger as an emotion, bodily reaction, and thought process. It aims to teach kids to recognize fight-or-flight mode and activate the calming rest-and-digest response instead. Activities guide identifying automatic negative thoughts and replacing them with more balanced perspectives.

A key section uses the metaphors of traffic lights and mountain climbing to encourage facing anger incrementally and celebrating small victories. Additional activities focus on imagining best-case scenarios, creating superhero personas, and wrapping up with encouragement.

The activities aim to build self-awareness, perspective-taking, and problem-solving skills. The book validates anger as normal but provides cognitive-behavioral tools to prevent it from controlling kids’ lives. The fun format makes learning engaging.

This comprehensive resource could benefit counselors, parents, and teachers helping elementary school-aged children better understand and manage anger. Its strength-based approach promotes confidence.


  • What is Anger?
  • Taming Anger
  • You Are Not Anger
  • Fight or Flight
  • Fight or Flight Log
  • Rest & Digest – Part 1
  • Rest & Digest – Part 2
  • Squashing ANTs – Part 1
  • Squashing ANTs – Part 2
  • Squashing ANTs Activity
  • Red Light, Green Light
  • Red Light, Green Light Matching Game
  • Red Light, Green Light – Write or Draw
  • Facing Fury – Part 1
  • Facing Fury – Part 2
  • It’s a Miracle!
  • It’s a Miracle! – Part 2
  • My Hero
  • That’s a Wrap!