Stop Hitting: Educational Videos for Children on Managing Anger without Hitting

“Hands Are Not for Hitting” by Martine Agassi is a compassionate guide for children, teaching them positive ways to express their emotions and resolve conflicts without resorting to physical aggression. Through engaging illustrations and simple language, this book empowers children to understand the importance of using their hands for constructive activities while promoting empathy and peaceful interactions with others

Hands Are Not for Hitting by WonderGrove Kids

Marcus shares tips to stay safe and reminds us: “Hands are not for hitting!”

Parents, caregivers, and teachers are encouraged to guide toddlers on how to avoid hitting. It is normal for babies and toddlers to hit, but it’s an opportunity to teach empathy. When they hit, calmly showing them gentle hands by rubbing where they hit can help. This video also teaches about emotions and ways to express them. Join Macy, a paediatric speech language pathologist, as she models singing and play strategies to enhance speech development. Children can grow in cognition and play skills through evidence-based practices like singing, nursery rhymes, and sign language. Remember, this video complements, but doesn’t replace, speech-language therapy.