Social-Emotional Learning Intervention: 24 Weekly Lessons Plans

Social-Emotional Learning Intervention: 24 Weekly Lessons Plans

The “Social-Emotional Learning Intervention: 24 Weekly Lessons Plans” resource is a meticulously crafted educational toolkit developed by the International Rescue Committee. It is designed to facilitate social-emotional learning (SEL) in safe healing and learning spaces, providing a structured approach to teaching vital SEL competencies such as Brain Building, Emotion Regulation, Positive Social Skills, Conflict Resolution, and Perseverance.

This comprehensive guide includes daily and weekly lesson plans that cover a wide range of activities and exercises aimed at children aged 6-11 years. Each lesson is carefully aligned with specific learning objectives and includes detailed instructions for facilitators, incorporating interactive activities like parachute opening and closing rituals to foster a supportive learning environment. This toolkit is an invaluable asset for educators, social workers, and anyone involved in child welfare and education, offering a structured yet flexible curriculum to support children’s emotional and social development, especially in emergency and recovery settings.



Daily Plans:

Week 1

Week 1, Lesson 1: Meeting my classmates
Week 1, Lesson 2: Learning about our class
Week 1, Lesson 3: Building a unified class

Week 2

Week 2, Lesson 1: Classroom norms
Week 2, Lesson 2: Creating SHLS rules
Week 2, Lesson 3: Setting consequences

Week 3

Week 3, Lesson 1: Why we listen
Week 3, Lesson 2: Why we listen
Week 3, Lesson 3: Listening for instructions
Week 4

Week 4, Lesson 1: Focusing attention
Week 4, Lesson 2: Self-talk for success
Week 4, Lesson 3: Focus attention strategies

Week 5

Week 5, Lesson 1: Understanding impulses
Week 5, Lesson 2: Controlling ourselves
Week 5, Lesson 3: Using impulse control

Week 6

Week 6, Lesson 1: Remember what you did
Week 6, Lesson 2: Using what you remember
Week 6, Lesson 3: Using memory in storytelling

Week 7: Review and Assessment

Week 8

Week 8, Lesson 1: Expressing how I feel
Week 8, Lesson 2: When I feel what
Week 8, Lesson 3: Comfortable and uncomfortable feelings

Week 9

Week 9, Lesson 1: When I Feel What
Week 9, Lesson 2: How I feel when…
Week 9, Lesson 3: Negative thought patterns

Week 10

Week 10, Lesson 1: Why we manage our feelings
Week 10, Lesson 2: Calming strategies
Week 10, Lesson 3: Calming our feelings
Week 11: Review and Assessment

Week 12

Week 12, Lesson 1: What are they feeling?
Week 12, Lesson 2: What are they feeling?
Week 12, Lesson 3: What are they feeling?

Weekly Plans:

Week 13: Understand other people’s feelings
Week 14: Responding to other people’s feelings
Week 15: Review and Assessment
Week 16: What I say and do affects others
Week 17: Responding to accidents
Week 18: Building a positive school community
Week 19: Review and Assessment
Week 20: Who is a friend?
Week 21: Making friends
Week 22: Maintaining friendships
Week 23: Cooperation and teamwork
Week 24: Bullying
Week 25: Review and Assessment
Week 26: Identifying problems
Week 27: Generating solutions
Week 28: Implementing conflict resolution behaviors
Week 29: Review and Assessment
Week 30: Positive self-identity
Week 31: Setting personal and academic goals
Week 32: Attaining your goals, and self-reflection
Week 33: Review and Assessment
Week 34: Review Modules 2, 3, 4
Week 35: Review Modules 5, 6, 7
Week 36: Conclusions and setting long-term goals