Free ‘My Feelings and Me Workbook for Children

FREE PDF DOWNLOAD OF MY FEELINGS AND ME WORKBOOKThe “My Feelings and Me” workbook is a compassionate tool designed by the Ayrshire Hospice to help children articulate and process their emotions, particularly during challenging times. It’s an interactive resource aimed at encouraging self-expression through various activities, including drawing, colour identification, and emotional recognition.

The workbook contains sections that guide children through exercises such as:

  • All About Me: Allows children to share personal information, offering a sense of ease and identity.
  • How Do You Feel Today?: Helps children identify their current emotions through expressive faces.
  • Feelings Faces and Body Map: Encourage kids to represent and locate where they feel emotions in their body.
  • Something Sad: Normalises sadness, prompting children to reflect on times they have felt sad and the surrounding circumstances.
  • The Blob Tree: A creative way for children to project their feelings onto illustrated ‘blobs’, facilitating discussion about emotions and relationships.
  • I Worry About: Provides a space for children to express their worries, potentially reducing their sense of burden.
  • How I Feel: A worksheet that helps children connect physical sensations with emotional states and introduces coping strategies.
  • Wheel of Emotions: Assists in recognising the range of emotions a child might experience, affirming that it’s okay to feel them all.
  • I Felt…: Encourages reflection on past emotions and how they were managed.
  • If Feelings Were Colours: Uses colours to help children describe and understand their emotions.
  • My Alphabet of Feeling Words: Allows for a creative description of emotions, linking them to personal experiences or changes.

The workbook is also a valuable guide for teachers and caregivers, providing insights into how each child is coping and what support they may need. The resource is designed not only to support children through difficult times but also as a way to identify how they are doing and how best to support them moving forward.

For professionals and families seeking to support children in understanding and expressing their feelings, this workbook serves as an essential aid, offering a structured yet flexible approach to emotional education and well-being.