Feelings Forecast Activity Set to Teach Children Name and Manage Emotions

Feelings Forecast Activity Set to Teach Children Name and Manage Emotions

The Feelings Forecast Activity Set is an innovative and interactive tool designed to help children in PreK through 5th grade identify, name, and manage their emotions effectively. Developed by Action for Healthy Kids (AFHK), this resource utilises weather-related metaphors to facilitate self-reflection and emotional literacy among young learners.

The Feelings Forecast Activity Set comprises several engaging components, including Weather Reports, Emotions Match cards, Clip Cards, and a comprehensive Weather Kit. These elements are crafted to encourage children to explore their feelings through weather associations—such as sunny for happiness, rainy for sadness, and stormy for anger. The activity set offers a tactile and visual approach to understanding emotions, making it an accessible method for children to express and comprehend complex feelings.


  1. Enhanced Emotional Literacy: By associating emotions with different types of weather, children can more easily articulate their feelings, fostering emotional intelligence from a young age.
  2. Improved Self-regulation: Activities prompt children to reflect on how they respond to various emotions and explore coping strategies, aiding in self-regulation skills.
  3. Creative Expression: With options to create their own weather reports and emotions match cards, the activity set encourages creativity and personalisation, allowing children to express themselves in unique ways.
  4. Inclusive and Adaptable: Suitable for a broad age range and adaptable for individual or group settings, it can be used in classrooms, at home, or in therapeutic environments, making it a versatile tool for educators, parents, and therapists.

How It Can Be Used:

  • Educational Settings: Teachers can integrate the Feelings Forecast Activity Set into classroom activities to teach emotional literacy as part of the curriculum or as a social-emotional learning tool.
  • At Home: Parents can use the activities to facilitate conversations about emotions with their children, helping to strengthen emotional understanding within the family unit.
  • Therapeutic Environments: Therapists and counsellors can utilise this resource as a playful yet profound way to engage children in discussions about their emotions and coping mechanisms.

The Feelings Forecast Activity Set is not just a teaching tool; it is a bridge to understanding and managing emotions for children, offering a foundational skill set that benefits their emotional and social development. Its innovative approach to emotional literacy makes it a key resource for anyone involved in the growth and education of young minds.