Free Feelings Activities for Children Booklet

FREE PDF DOWNLOAD OF FEELINGS ACTIVITIES FOR CHILDREN BOOKLETThis is a 16-page guide providing 3 activities to help children ages 5-11 explore emotions. It was created by Mentally Healthy Schools UK. The interactive activities aim to build emotional literacy.

The first uses worksheets to identify situations triggering specific feelings like anger or gratitude. The second matches emotion cards to scenario cards in pairs or groups. The third uses a chart to map story character emotions or personal daily feelings.

The activities encourage discussing, drawing, and reflecting on emotions. Guidance helps adults explain concepts appropriately for age, verbal skills, and needs. Tips also cover regulating any discomfort and providing emotional support.

The activities aim to develop self-awareness, perspective-taking, and communication skills. They normalize feeling a range of emotions. The emphasis on understanding feelings fosters emotional intelligence and empathy.

This resource could help teachers, counselors, and parents teach children to recognize and express emotions in a constructive way. The activities are adaptable for individual needs and developmental stages.