Elephant’s Tea Party: An Activity Workbook for Ages 5 to 11 to Cope with Loss and Bereavement

Elephant's Tea Party An Activity Workbook for Ages 5 to 11 to Cope with Loss and Bereavement-free download

The “Elephant’s Tea Party” is an imaginative and engaging activity workbook designed for children aged 5 to 11, focusing on developing coping skills for loss and bereavement. Crafted by Child Bereavement UK, this resource is both a sensitive and practical tool aimed at assisting young learners to navigate their feelings around loss and grief.

This workbook introduces the concept of loss and bereavement through a series of activities and lesson plans that are thoughtfully tailored to be age-appropriate. The activities, inspired by the metaphorical representation of the elephant—known for its strong memory and family bonds—aim to foster a supportive and understanding environment for children to express and work through their emotions. The programme encompasses various components, including lesson plans on families and memories, quizzes, and creative activities like making an elephant mask or a memory box.


  • Enhances Understanding of Loss: Helps children grasp the concept of loss and bereavement in a way that is accessible and relatable to their age group.
  • Promotes Emotional Literacy: Encourages the expression of feelings and emotions, contributing to the development of emotional intelligence.
  • Supports Coping Mechanisms: Through engaging activities, children learn coping strategies that can aid in managing grief and loss.
  • Facilitates Open Discussions: The programme provides a platform for children to share their thoughts and experiences, reducing feelings of isolation.
  • Educational and Interactive: Integrates educational content with interactive activities, making learning about a difficult topic engaging and informative.

How It Can Be Used:

  • In Schools: Teachers can incorporate the workbook into their lesson plans to address the topics of loss and bereavement with their students, fostering a supportive classroom environment.
  • At Home: Parents can use the activities to open discussions about loss and grief with their children, providing a helpful framework for families to navigate these conversations together.
  • In Counselling: Therapists and counsellors working with children can utilise the workbook as a resource to support individual or group therapy sessions focused on bereavement.
  • Community Workshops: Community centres and organisations can host workshops using the “Elephant’s Tea Party” activities to support children in understanding and coping with loss.

The “Elephant’s Tea Party” stands out as a valuable resource for educators, parents, and mental health professionals, offering a compassionate approach to discussing loss and bereavement with children. Its innovative use of the elephant theme makes the subject matter approachable, helping to build resilience and understanding among young people facing the challenges of grief.