Color My Feeling Coloring Sheets

Color My Feeling Coloring Sheets“Color My Feeling Coloring Sheets” is a creative and therapeutic resource designed to help children and adolescents explore and express their emotions through art. This collection of coloring sheets provides a unique way for young individuals to engage with a wide range of feelings, from happiness and bravery to sadness and fear, in a non-verbal manner. Each sheet features a pair of contrasting emotions, such as “Accepted” and “Rejected” or “Brave” and “Scared,” encouraging users to reflect on times when they have experienced these feelings.

This resource includes various sets of coloring sheets, each dedicated to different pairs of emotions. Children are invited to color the faces that resonate with how they’re feeling and are provided with prompts to think about and write down instances when they felt a particular way. This activity not only aids in the identification and expression of emotions but also in understanding that it is normal to experience a wide range of feelings.


  • Promotes Emotional Literacy: Helps children learn to identify and name their emotions, which is a crucial aspect of developing emotional intelligence.
  • Encourages Self-expression: Offers a creative outlet for feelings, helping children express emotions they might find difficult to verbalize.
  • Supports Emotional Regulation: Engaging in coloring can have a calming effect, assisting children in managing feelings of stress or agitation.
  • Fosters Reflection: By reflecting on instances that elicited certain emotions, children can gain insights into their emotional triggers and how they respond to different situations.
  • Enhances Coping Skills: This activity can be a part of broader strategies to help children learn coping mechanisms for dealing with complex emotions.

How It Can Be Used:

  • In Educational Settings: Teachers can use these sheets as part of social-emotional learning activities, helping students explore their feelings in a supportive classroom environment.
  • At Home: Parents and caregivers can engage in this activity with their children, providing a fun and meaningful way to discuss emotions and personal experiences.
  • In Therapeutic Settings: Therapists and counselors can incorporate these coloring sheets into sessions with young clients as a tool for emotional exploration and expression.
  • Support Groups: Facilitators of support groups for children dealing with specific emotional challenges can use these sheets to encourage sharing and understanding among group members.

“Color My Feeling Coloring Sheets” stands out as an accessible and engaging tool for helping children connect with and articulate their emotions. By blending the art of coloring with emotional awareness, it offers a gentle yet powerful approach to exploring the complex world of feelings, making it an invaluable resource for anyone working to support the emotional development of children and teens.