Free Anger Manual: What to Do When Your Temper Flares; Guide for Teens

FREE PDF DOWNLOAD OF ANGER MANUAL: WHAT TO DO WHEN YOUR TEMPER FLARES; GUIDE FOR ADOLESCENTSThe “Anger Manual” is a self-help guide for teens to learn about managing their temper, prepared by Miss Hesse based on the work of Dawn Huebner. The manual uses the metaphor of driving a car to explain the concept of anger and self-control. It likens the body to a car that needs fuel, maintenance, and adherence to rules to function properly and safely.

The guide begins by comparing the fun of driving bumper cars or battery-run cars to the serious responsibility of driving a real car, emphasizing the importance of staying in control to avoid crashes. It draws parallels between driving conditions and life situations that can make controlling anger challenging, such as being in a hurry, feeling tired, or dealing with adverse conditions.

The manual encourages teens to be in the driver’s seat of their own lives, making decisions and controlling their reactions, even when it’s difficult. It acknowledges that while it’s fun to make some decisions, like how loud to sing or which book to read, there are also rules and situations that are not enjoyable. The key message is that children are in charge of steering their own “car” — themselves — and that their actions and choices determine the quality of their journey.

The guide aims to teach teens that they can practice being good drivers of their own lives by managing their anger and reactions, even before they’re old enough to drive a real car. It’s a tool for helping kids understand that they can control themselves and avoid metaphorical crashes by staying calm and making good choices, even when faced with difficult emotions like anger.

The document is 49 pages long and provides a detailed, engaging approach to help teens learn self-control and anger management skills.