Anger Iceberg Guide & Activity Worksheets for Children

 Anger Iceberg Guide & Activity Worksheets for ChildrenThe “Anger Iceberg Guide & Activity Worksheets for Children” is an insightful resource that includes a variety of materials aimed at helping children understand and manage their feelings of anger. This resource is structured around the concept of the Anger Iceberg, which symbolises how anger can often be just the visible part of a range of deeper emotions.


  1. Anger Iceberg – Poster to Print: A visually engaging poster that illustrates the iceberg concept, making it accessible for children and providing a basis for discussion.

  2. About Anger Iceberg – Explanation Sheet for Children: This sheet explains the iceberg metaphor in child-friendly language, helping children grasp the idea that anger might be hiding other feelings.

  3. Your Anger Signs – Activity Worksheet for Children: Through this worksheet, children are encouraged to identify and articulate the physical and emotional signs that indicate they are becoming angry.

  4. Your Anger Actions – Activity Worksheet for Children: This activity aids children in recognising the actions they take when angry, promoting awareness of their responses to anger.

  5. About the Underneath of the Anger Iceberg – Explanation Sheet for Children: Further elaborates on the emotions and feelings that can lie beneath anger, enhancing children’s understanding of their complex emotions.

  6. Your Anger Triggers – Activity Worksheet for Children: Children are guided to identify specific situations or events that trigger their anger, facilitating better self-awareness and management strategies.

  7. Your Hidden Feelings – Activity Worksheet for Children: This worksheet encourages children to explore and name the feelings that are hidden underneath their anger, fostering emotional intelligence.

  8. Your Calm Down Actions – Activity Worksheet for Children: Offers children a way to consider and plan actions they can take to calm down when feeling angry, equipping them with practical strategies for emotional regulation.

Overall, this resource is designed to be a practical and educational tool that supports children in understanding their emotions, recognising the triggers of anger, and developing constructive ways to express and manage their feelings. It is valuable for use by families, educators, and professionals working with children to foster emotional awareness and resilience.