Always in My Heart: A Book for Children about Grieving

Always in My Heart: A Book for Children about Grieving free download

“Always in My Heart: A Book for Children about Grieving” is a thoughtful and compassionate resource developed by the social work team at St. Francis Hospice Dublin. This book is designed to help children navigate the complex feelings of grief that come with the loss of someone special, whether a family member, friend, or pet. Inspired by real-life experiences of children who have faced bereavement, this guide offers a blend of stories, explanations, and activities aimed at supporting young readers through their journey of grief.

The book breaks down the concept of grief into understandable segments, explaining what grief is, the various emotions associated with it, and how it can manifest differently in everyone. It covers topics such as guilt, confusion, anger, and loneliness, providing relatable scenarios and constructive ways to handle these feelings. “Always in My Heart” also delves into the harder questions about death, offering insights into why someone we love has to die and where they go after death, reflecting on different beliefs and cultures.


  • Emotional Understanding: Helps children comprehend and articulate their feelings of loss, promoting emotional literacy and resilience.
  • Support and Reassurance: Offers reassurance to children that their feelings are normal and provides practical advice on coping mechanisms.
  • Encourages Open Dialogue: Facilitates conversations about death and grieving, encouraging children to share their thoughts and feelings.
  • Educational: Provides factual information about grief in a way that is accessible to children, helping to demystify the process of grieving.
  • Inclusive: Acknowledges and respects a variety of cultural beliefs about life after death, promoting understanding and tolerance.

How It Can Be Used:

  • At Home: Parents can read this book with their children, using it as a tool to discuss their feelings and memories of the loved one they have lost.
  • In Schools: Teachers can use this book as a resource to support students who are dealing with bereavement, incorporating it into lessons about emotions and coping skills.
  • In Counselling: Therapists and counsellors can use the book as a part of their therapeutic work with children, helping them to express and work through their grief.
  • Support Groups: This book can be a valuable resource in support groups for bereaved children, providing a common ground for discussion and sharing.

“Always in My Heart” stands out as a heartfelt and valuable resource for children dealing with grief. Its gentle approach to explaining loss, combined with practical advice and support, makes it an essential tool for anyone looking to help a child navigate the difficult path of bereavement.