A Garden on My Own: An Art-Based Social-Emotional Health Activity for Mindfulness & Sensory-Based Learning

A Garden on My Own: An Art-Based Social-Emotional Health Activity for Mindfulness & Sensory-Based Learning

“A Garden on My Own” is an art-based social-emotional health activity designed to promote mindfulness and sensory-based learning among children and adults alike. This innovative resource offers a unique approach to understanding and managing emotions, enhancing well-being through the combination of art and nature.

This activity focuses on creating a personal garden using homemade sensory paints, which can be made from everyday household items. Participants are encouraged to reflect on their emotions and experiences as they engage in the art-making process, fostering a sense of mindfulness and connection to the natural world. The project includes making puffy paint with shaving cream and glue, baking soda paint for a bubbling effect, and spice and herb paint for a fragrant masterpiece.


  1. Promotes Mindfulness: Encourages participants to focus on the present moment, enhancing awareness of their emotions and surroundings.
  2. Stimulates Sensory Learning: Utilises sensory exploration through sight, smell, and touch, aiding in cognitive development and sensory integration.
  3. Fosters Emotional Intelligence: Helps individuals identify and articulate their feelings, contributing to better emotional regulation and self-expression.
  4. Encourages Creativity and Imagination: Offers a creative outlet for expressing thoughts and emotions, sparking imagination and artistic exploration.
  5. Educational Value: Teaches about the growth process of plants and the ecosystem, paralleling personal growth and community interconnectedness.

How It Can Be Used:

  • Educational Settings: Teachers can incorporate this activity into lessons on emotional health, art, and science, providing a multidisciplinary learning experience.
  • Therapeutic Environments: Therapists can use this activity as a tool for art therapy, helping individuals explore and express their emotions in a safe and creative way.
  • At Home: Families can engage in this activity together, offering a fun and meaningful way to discuss emotions, mindfulness, and the importance of self-care.
  • Community Workshops: Organisations can host workshops using this activity to promote mental health awareness and foster community bonds through shared creative experiences.

“A Garden on My Own” is more than just an art project; it is a pathway to understanding oneself and the world around us. By blending art with emotional and sensory learning, it offers a comprehensive approach to well-being that is accessible, enjoyable, and profoundly impactful.